Program at a Glance

 Nov. 3, 2021 (Wed.)
19:00-20:30 Welcome Reception
 Nov. 4, 2021 (Thu.)
  Room Monterosso, B1F
Session Chair: Tae-Ik Lee (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology/ Korea)
Room Forum 1, 3F
Session Chair: Sungwook Mhin (Kyonggi University/ Korea)
  A1. Automotive Electronics and High Power Package B1. Sensor
08:30-08:55 O1-1 Synthesis of Crystalline Pure Mesoporous TiO2B and its Application on Environmental Pollutants Degradation
Dr. Md Kamal Hossain
(Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research/ Bangladesh)
O1-2 Manganese and Nitrogen Doped Graphene Oxide-Based Hybrid Composite Materials for DMMP Detection
Mr. Sanjeeb Lama, Dr. Sivalingam Ramesh*, Dr. Young-Jun Lee, Mr. Bong-Gyu Bae, Mr. Jae-Hong Kim, Prof. Joo-Hyung Kim
(Dongguk University*, Inha University/ Korea)
08:55-09:20 O1-3 Ultrafast Sinter-Bonding Technique in Air Using Size-Controllable Cu Dendritic Particles
Dr. Eun Byeol Choi, Prof. Jong-Hyun Lee
(Seoul National University of Science and Technology/ Korea)
O1-4 Mesoporous Pd@Au Film Integrated with Blood Plasma Separation Membrane for Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) Biosensor
Dr. Hyun-Jong Kim, Ms. Hana Lim, Dr. Young Min Park, Dr. Ho-Nyun Lee (KITECH/ Korea)
09:20-09:45 (Invited) I1-1 Sintered Silver as Die Attach Materials
Dr. Siow Kim Shyong
(Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia/ Malaysia)
(Invited) I1-2 Flexible Pressure Sensor Based on 3D Structure and its Application
Dr. Hanchul Cho
(KITECH/ Korea)
09:45-10:10 (Invited) I1-3 Power Semiconductor Packaging Approaches for Reliable Power Module Systems
Prof. Sang Won Yoon
(Hanyang University/ Korea)
(Invited) I1-4 Ultra-Wide Bandgap Ga2O3-Based Solar-Blind Photodetectors
Prof. Jihyun Kim
(Korea University/ Korea)
10:10-10:35 (Invited) I1-5 Complete EMI Shielding Leadless Package Solution in Automotive
Sir. HyeongIl Jeon
(Amkor Technology Korea/ Korea)
(Invited) I1-6 Soft Ionic Transducers based on Nanomaterials
Prof. Il Kwon Oh
(KAIST/ Korea)
10:35-10:55 Coffee break
  Room Monterosso, B1F
Session Chair: Sungdong Kim (Seoul National University of Science and Technology/ Korea)
10:55-11:05 Opening Remark  
11:05-11:35 Keynote Talk 1  Warpage after Molding Processes: Can we Really Predict This?
Prof. Bongtae Han
(University of Maryland/ USA)
11:35-12:05 Keynote Talk 2  Advanced Packaging Technology & Materials trends
Dr. Santosh Kumar
(Yole Dévelopement/ France)
12:05-13:20 Lunch
  Room Monterosso, B1F
Session Chair: Sayoon Kang (The Korean Microelectronics and Packaging Society/ Korea)
13:20-13:50 Plenary Talk 1
Semiconductor Industry Savior: Further Acceleration in Package Innovation
Dr. Yun Tae Lee
(Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd./ Korea)
13:50-14:20 Plenary Talk 2
Next Generation Terabyte/s HBM (High-bandwidth Memory Module) Designs for Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) Servers
Prof. Joungho Kim
(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology/ Korea)
14:20-14:40 Coffee break
  Room Forum 2 & Forum 3, 3F
Session Chair: Young-Bae Park (Andong National University/ Korea) & Yong-Ho Ko (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology)
14:40-15:20 Poster Presentation Session 
  Room Monterosso, B1F
Session Chair: Ho-Young Son (SK hynix Inc./ Korea)
Room Forum 1, 3F
Session Chair: Jeong-Won Yoon (Chungbuk National University/ Korea)
  A2. Special Session for Honor Retirement of Professor Kyung W. Paik B2. Microelectronics & Packaging Materials 1
15:20-15:45 S1-1 I1-7 Electroceuticals: The Future of Miniaturized Medical Devices
Dr. Kiwon Lee
(Ybrain Inc./ Korea)
I1-7 Thermal Management at Nanoscale in Electronics Packaging
Prof. Hyejin Jang
(Seoul National University/ Korea)
15:45-16:10 S1-2 Development of SmartPlateTM Series: Superb Copper Electroplating Solution for Overcoming Process Limitations of Micro-Bump
Dr. Min Hyung Lee
(KITECH/ Korea)
I1-8 Transient Packaging Strategies for Biodegradable Electronics
Prof. Seung-Kyun Kang
(Seoul National University/ Korea)
16:10-16:35 S1-3 Packaging Trend & FOWLP Development
Dr. Kim Hyoung Joon
(Qualcomm Technologies, Inc./ Korea)
I1-9 Achieving Crack-Free Metallized Through-Glass Via Substrate for Reliable High Frequency Microelectronic Packages
Dr. Chukwudi Okoro
(Corning Incorporated/ USA)
16:35-17:00 S1-4 Interconnect Challenges in Memory Packaging
Dr. Ho-Young Son
(SK hynix Inc./ Korea)
(Invited) I1-10 Low Dielectric, High Crystalline, Natural Nano Fiber, as Packaging Materials
Dr. Sang Mok Lee
(CNNT, Co. Ltd./ Korea)
17:00-17:25 S1-5 Effects of Magnetic Field on the Dispersion of Conductive Particles in Anchoring Polymer Layer (APL) Anisotropic Conductive Films (ACFs) for Ultra-Fine Pitch Interconnection
Dr. DalJin Yoon
(SK hynix Inc./ Korea)
O1-5 Novel Synthesis of Highly Periodic Mesoporous Organosilicas SMS-1 & SMS-2 and Application for Various Electronic Materials
Dr. Md Kamal Hossain
(Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research/ Bangladesh)
  Room Monterosso, B1F
Session Chair: Sung-Hoon Choa (Seoul National University of Science and Technology/ Korea)
17:25-17:40 Retirement Ceremony of Professor Kyung W. Paik  
17:40~ Dinner (Blue Seagull, 2F) General Meeting (Room Monterosso, B1F)
 Nov. 5, 2021 (Fri.)
  Room Monterosso, B1F
Session Chair: Gu-Sung Kim (Kangnam University/ Korea)
Room Forum 1, 3F
Session Chair: Tae-il Kim (Sungkyunkwan University/ Korea)
  C1. Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap (HIR) Workshop 1 D1. Flexible/ Wearable Electronics 1
08:30-08:55 (Invited) I2-1 HIR Workshop-International: HIR Overview
Dr. William Chen (ASE Technology Holding, Co., Ltd./ USA)
Dr. W. R. "Bill" Bottoms (Third Millennium Test Solutions Inc.(3MTS)/ USA)
I2-2 Intelligent Soft Bioelectronics for Advancing Human Healthcare
Prof. W. Hong Yeo
(Georgia Tech/ USA)
08:55-09:20 (Invited) I2-3 HIR Workshop-International: 5G Communication
Sir. Timothy Lee
(Invited) I2-4 Soft Electronics for Mobile Health and Human-Centered Robotics
Prof. Nanshu Lu
(University of Texas Austin/ USA)
09:20-09:45 (Invited) I2-5 HIR Workshop-International: Automotive Electronics
Sir. Rich Rice
(ASE Technology Holding, Co., Ltd./ USA)
(Invited) I2-6 Sensors and Medical Devices Based on Textiles and Elastomers
Prof. Hyun-Joong Chung
(University of Alberta/ Canada)
09:45-10:10 (Invited) I2-7 HIR Workshop-International: Co-Design
Prof. Jose E Schutt-Aine
(University OF Illinois Urbana-Champaign/ USA)
(Invited) I2-8 Printing and Water Sintering Techniques for High Performance Transient Electronic Circuits
Prof. Xian Huang
(Tianjin university/ China)
10:10-10:30 Coffee break
  Room Monterosso, B1F
Session Chair: Taek-Soo Kim (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology/ Korea)
Room Forum 1, 3F
Session Chair: Suck Won Hong (Pusan National University/ Korea)
  C2. Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap (HIR) Workshop 2 D2. Flexible/ Wearable Electronics 2
10:30-10:55 (Invited) I2-9 Substrate Roadmap for Heterogenous Integration
Dr. Kyuoh Lee
(Intel Corporation/ USA)
(Invited) I2-10 Flexible and Printed 3D Organic Circuits and Active-Matrix Sensor Arrays
Prof. Sungjune Jung
(POSTECH/ Korea)
10:55-11:20  (Invited) I2-11 CUBE and ISC Technologies for 2.5D and 3D Heterogeneous Integration
Dr. Max Min
(Ex. Samsung Foundry, USA)
(Invited) I2-12 High-Resolution 3D Printing of Stretchable Interconnections for Wearable Electronics
Prof. Jang-Ung Park
(Yonsei University/ Korea)
11:20-11:45 (Invited) I2-13 Heterogeneous 2.5D Integration Packaging Technology
Sir. PilJe Sung
(Amkor Technology Korea/ Korea)
(Invited) I2-14 Skin-Integrated Wireless Haptic Interface for VR and AR
Porf. Yei-Hwan Jung
(Hanyang University/ Korea)
11:45-12:10  (Invited) I2-15 Highly-integration Packaging Technologies for Various Applications
Sir. Insoo Kang
(NEPES Corporation/ Korea)
O2-1 Effect of cyclic Frequency on Bending Fatigue in Copper Film on Flexible Substrate
Mr. Lee Jong-Sung, Dr. Young-Joo Lee*, Prof. Byoung-Joon Kim**, Prof. Young-Chang Joo
(Seoul National University, Korea Polytechnic University**/ Korea, University of Pennsylvania*/ USA)
12:10-13:30 Lunch
  Room Monterosso, B1F
Session Chair: Yohan Yoon (Korea Aerospace University/ Korea)
Room Forum 1, 3F
Session Chair: Yoonchul Sohn (Chosun University/ Korea)
  C3. Packaging Processing & Equipment D3. PCB, Solder and Reliability
13:30-13:55  (Invited) I2-16 Emerging Semiconductor Packaging Technologies
Dr. Donghyun Kim
(Hana Micron Inc./ Korea)
(Invited) I2-17 How to Apply Selective Electrochemical 3D Printer to the Additive Process of Thermal Resistant Bonding Materials for High-Power Semiconductors in the PCB Mass Production?
Dr. Sung-Bin Kim
(AnyCasting Co., Ltd./ Korea)
13:55-14:20 (Invited) I2-18 The Future of Memory Package Technology
Dr. Heejin Lee
(SK hynix Inc./ Korea)
(Invited) I2-19 Effects of Co on the Morphology, Shear Strength and Fracture of the Low Temperature SAC305/Sn-58Bi/Cu Composite Solder Joint
Prof. Shuye Zhang
(Harbin Institute of Technology/ China)
14:20-14:45  (Invited) I2-20 Proposal of Micro UF(Underfill) & SBA (Solder ball attach) for Advanced Package
Sir. Jun Sang Park
(Protec Co., Ltd./ Korea)
O2-2 Study of Sn-Bi-In Ternary Solders for Solder from Eutectic Point to 79℃ Ternary Eutectic
Mr. Hoon Choi, Mr. Sung-Ryul Mang, Prof. Hoo-Jeong Lee
(Sungkyunkwan University/ Korea)
14:45-15:10 (Invited) I2-21 Advanced Packaging Interconnect Solutions
Sir. SeongJin Park
(ASM Pacific/ Korea)
O2-3 2-Layer Rt-QFN : a New Coreless Substrate Based on Lead-Frame Technology
Dr. In Seob Bae, Mr. Hong Chan Kim, Mr. Ho Jun Ryu, Mr. Sung Il Kang (HaesungDS/ Korea)
15:10-15:35 O2-4 ffects of N2 Plasma Treatment Condition on the Interfacial Adhesion Energy of Polybenzoxazole/Cu Layer for Cu RDL Applications of FOWLP
Ms. Gahui Kim, Mr. Doheon Kim, Prof. Young-Bae Park
(Andong National University/ Korea)
O2-5 Investigation on the Mechanical Reliability of TiN / SiO2 for W Nucleation Processes
Mr. Sun Woo Lee*, Mr. Dong Jun Kim*, Dr. Jinho Jeon, Dr. WonJun Yun, Dr. Tae-Sung Kim, Prof. Taek-Soo Kim*
(WONIK IPS CO., Ltd., KAIST*/ Korea)
15:35-15:55 Coffee break
  Room Monterosso, B1F
Session Chair: Hyunsik Yoon (Seoul National University of Science and Technology/ Korea)
Room Forum 1, 3F
Session Chair: Min-Su Kim (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology/ Korea)
  C4. Microelectronics & Packaging Materials 2 D4. Interconnection
15:55-16:20 O2-6 Face and Phase Engineered TiO2 and MoS2 Nanocomposites Toward Efficient Photocatalytic H2 Evolution and its Potential as a Nydrogen Sensor
Prof. Hyuksu Han
(Konkuk University/ Korea)
O2-7 Bonding with Partially Cured Low Temperature Polyimide
(National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University/ Taiwan)
16:20-16:45 O2-8 Investigation of Photovoltaic Devices Monitoring Technologies
Mr. Shuo Ni, Dr. Jihyun Kim, Prof. Joo-Hyung Kim
(Inha University/ Korea)
O2-9 Development of Simultaneous Transfer and Bonding (SITRAB) Process for Micro/Mini LED Arrays Using Anisotropic SITRAB Paste (ASP) and Laser-Assisted Bonding (LAB) Technology
Dr. Jiho Joo, Dr. Yong-Sung Eom, Ms. Chanmi Lee, Dr. Gwang-Mun Choi, Mr. Ki-seok Jang, Mr. In-Seok Kye, Dr. Seok Hwan Moon, Dr. Ho-Gyeong Yun, Dr. Kwang-Seong Choi
(ETRI/ Korea)
16:45-17:10  O2-10 Thermal Stress Analysis of Warpage Behavior according to Application of Thermal Insulation Materials
Mr. Kyeong-ho Shin, Mr. Sanglok Park, Ms. HyeonJung Kwon, Mr. Hyoungsub Shim, Prof. Joo-Hyung Kim
(Inha University/ Korea)
O2-11 Analysis of Ar/N2 Two-step Plasma Activated Cu Surface for Low-Temperature Cu–Cu Direct Bonding Characteristics
Mr. Seonghun Choi, Ms. Gahui Kim, Prof. Sarah Eunkyung Kim*, Prof. Young-Bae Park
(Seoul National University of Science and Technology*, Andong National University/ Korea)
17:10-17:35 O2-12 Robust and Flexible Bonding of Carbon Nanotube Adhesion Layer between Polymer Substrates via Microwave Irradiation
Ms. Minjeong Sohn, Dr. Min-Su Kim, Prof. Byeong-Kwon Ju*, Dr. Tae-Ik Lee (Korea University*, KITECH/ Korea)
O2-13 High Speed and Low-Pressure Sinter-Bonding Properties of Surface-Treated Bimodal Cu Particles for Die-Attachment
Mr. Doyeop Namgoong, Prof. Jonh-Hyun Lee 
(Seoul National University of Science and Technology/ Korea)
17:35-18:00 O2-14 Using MooN IEC 61508 Functional Safety Architecture in Throughput Logic Critical Designs: a Case of Study
Ms. Bruna Fernandes Flesch, Dr. Rodrigo Marques de Figueiredo, Dr. Lúcio Rene Prade
(UNISINOS/ Brazil)
O2-15 Optimization of Cu Interconnects – SiCN Interfacial Adhesion by Surface Treatments
Mr. Dong Jun Kim*, Dr. Sumin Kang*, Mr. Sun Woo Lee*, Dr. Inhwa Lee,  Dr. Seungju Park, Dr. Jun Soo Lee, Dr. Jihyun Lee, Dr. Joong Jung Kim, Prof. Taek-Soo Kim
(Samsung Electronics, KAIST*/ Korea)
18:00-18:20 Award Ceremony, Lucky Draw and Closing Remark (Room Monterosso, B1F)

General Meeting: Nov.4, 2021 (Thur.) PM5:40, Room Monterosso (B1F)

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