ISMP 2021 will include all basic/applied sciences and technologies in the fields of electronic materials, devices, and packaging. Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

1. Novel Packaging Technologies for AI, IoT, and Big data

Novel packaging technologies and related recent trends for IT technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), machine learning, big data and etc.

2. Packaging Solutions for 5G/6G Applications

Packaging solutions for 5G/6G communications including 5G sub-6GHz RFFEM (PAMiD , DRx), 5G mmW discrete antenna, 5G mmW FEM Antenna-in-Package (AiP) for 5G/6G and radar systems, high-frequency & speed modules and Systems and etc.

3. System Integration with Advanced Packaging Technologies

Advanced packaging technologies for system integration including fan-out/fan-in wafer level packaging, panel level packaging, 3D integration, embedded structures, micro-bonding, TSVs, TEVs, TMVs, advanced substrates and interposers and etc.

4. Electronic Materials for Interconnects and Packaging

Innovative electronic materials for microelectronic and packaging including interconnect materials, adhesives, epoxy mold compound, bonding wire and etc.

5. Emerging Process for Interconnects and Packaging

Novel processing technology for interconnects and packaging including fine pitch bumping technology, bumpless bonding, ultrasonic bonding, induction bonding, laser bonding, self-align chip stacking, nano-bonding and etc.

6. PCB, Solder, and Assembly Process

Basic and applied science and technology for innovative PCB assembly and production process including printed circuit board, electroplating, surface finish, high reliable novel solder, low and high temperature solder, solder joint properties, interfacial reaction, solder printing process, reflow, wave soldering, press-fit process, novel assembly technologies and etc.

7. Automotive & Power Electronic Packaging

Innovative solution for power electronics in automotive applications including bonding materials, TLP, ribbon bonding, wide bandgap power semiconductor devices (e.g. SiC, GaN, GaAs), novel cooling solutions (e.g. double-sided cooling, bond-wire-less), power embedding, very high voltage (>6.5kV) solutions and etc.

8. Sensors, LED, and Emerging Packaging Technology

Emerging packaging technology suitable for the application to sensors and LED such as biosensor, chemical sensor, nano-packaging, bio-electronics and microfluidics, micro LED and etc.

9. Flexible, Wearable, and Printed Electronics

Recent progress on flexible, wearable, and printed electronics including stretchable electronic devices, stretchable substrates, flexible hybrid systems, printed/jetted (transparent) conductors, touch and large area sensors, signage and displays, paper electronics, printed thin film PV and photodetectors, energy storage and harvesting, wearable sensors/actuators and etc.

10. MEMS/NEMS Packaging and Applications

Novel packaging science and technology for MEMS/NEMS and its application to the variety of engineering fields

11. Reliability of Electronic Devices and Systems

Reliability evaluation of system integration (chip contacts, packages, assemblies and subsystems) for conventional and upcoming electronic devices and systems including new concept of test systems and procedure, characterization and analysis, and etc.

12. Design Tools and Modeling

Design and simulation approach in the field of microelectronic and packaging technology for design and analysis of PCB, electronics, and etc.

* It should be noted that the program committee reserves the right to make a final decision on the session and presentation type of oral or poster regardless of author’s preference.